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Where Change is Possible

At our summer camps, the experience is more than just a pleasant vacation in picturesque surroundings.

Each summer, hundreds of children enjoy fresh air, exercise and the beautiful outdoors at Redwood Glen's summer camps. We are committed to providing them with the highest quality experience possible. We believe that every child is a precious creation of God and should have the opportunity to go to camp and experience the wonders of His creation in a safe and loving environment. The Salvation Army is committed to making summer camp possible for any child that wants to go, regardless of financial barriers. 

At our summer camps, the experience is more than just a pleasant vacation in picturesque surroundings. Children learn new skills and self-reliance. We train our counselors to understand campers' needs and help them to mature. But more than anything else, we do what we do for the glory of God, in order to share His love in every corner of this sometimes dark world. 

Summer Camp Statement of Purpose

At Redwood Glen, we want people to seek, experience, & fully know Jesus. We believe that Jesus is the hope of the world. We understand that for many, to embrace this hope, the basic human needs of food, shelter, & a sense of belonging need to be met. By living in an intentional community that fosters perseverance, honesty, and strong character, we are able to create a safe space where change is possible and hope can be found. We value the discovery found in play, adventure, and an affinity for nature, as a means to know the God of creation.

Discovery Camp 

Discovery Camps are 6-day camps, designed for youth age 8 to 12. They offer a variety of experiences, including: swimming; arts and crafts; archery; slingshots; campouts; campfires; Hiking, Outdoor Education; cabin activities; chapel time and devotions and much more. Through this camp experience campers will have the opportunity to discover the depths of God?s love for them and the wonder of his creation.

Discovery Camp Dates:
DISC 1: July 6th- July 11th
DISC 2: July 25th- July 30th
DISC 3: August 9th- August 13th
DISC 4: August 15th- August 20th

Music Camp

Music and Gospel Arts Camp is a 9-day camp designed for campers between the age 9 to 16. Included in this camp will be opportunities for vocal ensembles, creativity through gospel arts and playing musical instruments. The camp concludes with a concert which will be open to campers? family, friends and Corps members.  Also, campers will be able to participate in regular camp activities, such as swimming, arts and crafts and more!  

Music Camp Dates:
July 15th- July 23rd

Outdoor Adventure Camp

Outdoor Adventure Camps last for 6 days and are for campers from age 13 to 16. These camps include a three day backpacking trip at a local State park, typically Big Basin or Big Sur.  Each day on the trail will include hiking to a new campsite where campers will sleep in tents, cook their own food, and filter their own water.  Campers will also  discover the art of teamwork as they participate together on our Team Challenge / High Adventure course, as well as learning about who Christ is through creation, adventure, and community. 

OAC Camp Dates:
OAC A: June 27th- July 2nd
OAC B: July 6th- July 11th
SURF Expedition: July 15th- July 23rd
OAC C: July 25th- July 30th
OAC D: August 1st- August 6th
OAC E: August 9th- August 13th
OAC F: August 15th- August 20th

SAY Camp

Salvation Army Youth (SAY) Camp takes place at Camp Redwood Glen and is intended primarily for youth age 7 to 12. 
This Camp is part of the Salvation Army Sunbeam, Girl Guard and Adventure Corps programs which take place at Salvation Army Corps throughout the year. Campers will earn emblems for participation in camp activities, electives and classes.

SAY Camp Dates:
June 27th- July 2nd 

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